When you’re living at home, there is always someone taking care of you throughout the week - freshly laundered clothes, a ready tiffin in the morning and hot dinners on the table.

So what’s the bachelor life in a nutshell… freedom and independence? Except, with independence comes responsibility – which extends to the kitchen and dining table!

Cooking after a long day’s work can be daunting. Here’s how Mother’s Recipe swoops in to save the day evening with 5 delicious dinner recipes!


Enjoy creamy paneer with Mother’s Recipe Kadhai Paneer. Simply add fresh paneer and let it simmer! Dinner’s on the table in a matter of minutes!

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Let the mouth-watering aroma of Puliogare waft through your dining room. Cook rice in Mother’s Recipe Puliogare Paste for a homely dinner fix!

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A delight for all veggie lovers! Toss in your choice of fresh veggies and prepare Mother’s Recipe style Vegetable Tawa. A healthy and delicious meal in minutes!

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Tempt your taste buds with flavours from Tamil Nadu. Just add fresh chicken chunks to Mother’s Recipe Chicken Chettinad Mix and toss and stir your way to a delectable dinner!

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Pamper yourself with a rich regal dish on Friday. Simmer fresh chicken cubes in Mother’s Recipe Chicken Moghalai Mix and end the week with a content belly!

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Don’t let your mom worry about your busy routine and diet. Step into adulthood and enjoy wholesome, home cooked meals - Mother’s Recipe has got your back!