Was your valentine date a plate of steaming chicken biryani, or buttery naan & paneer? Are you a true foodie? If no, we regret to ask you the question, "Why ever NOT?"

Here are 7 sure-shot signs that prove you belong to the foodie club. You may definitely sit with us.

You go to parties & weddings
only for the free food

Your decision to grace events is based on how good the menu is.

Your vacation planning is
centred on the

Funny how all your hotel-bookings fall along famous restaurant routes.

You cannot control your
happiness when your food
finally arrives

You could cry a river of joy.

You’re devastated when
the dish your friend orders
is better than your own

You could cry a river.

Your heart sinks if nobody
wants dessert

There’s always room for cake. Nobody. Leaves. Yet.

You spend all your
money on food

Are we really eating all our money? So worth it.


Don’t we all?

After all, people who love food are the better people. And those who feed you - are the best. You can always count on Mother’s Recipe for all your fundamental food cravings