However much we may frequent restaurants, cafés or even have a bai prepare our meals, towards the end we always find our way back to home-cooked food by dear mom. One can never get enough of the magic served by mommy’s hands and it is these secrets that are passed on to recreate our favourite culinary dishes. We asked 5 people to share tips and tricks in cooking that they learnt from their mothers!

Yes To Salt!

Megha tells us, "For curries, salt was added while cooking and never afterwards. My mother would add a little salt right at the beginning of cooking, to extract a richer colour & flavour from every preparation. Managing the right balance of salt is truly an art."

Too Salty? No Problem!

Abhishek says, "If a dish became too salty, mom would add chopped potatoes or small chapatti dough balls in the preparation. The starch in the potatoes or dough would absorb all the excess salt. This has saved me so many times when I’ve accidently over calculated the seasoning. You can take out the dough balls later. On the other hand, the potatoes taste yum in any vegetable preparation."

Cut The Grease!

Meera gives us a fat-free technique to cooking: "Mom would halve an onion and rub a piece all over the non-stick pan. This totally eliminated the need for oil, butter or ghee. I’ve always enjoyed my dosas or pancakes minus the unnecessary grease thanks to mom’s kitchen tricks."

What's that burning smell?

Rohan says, "If something overcooked or over boiled, my mother would empty the contents of the preparation in another dish. That dish was then kept in a pot of cold water, which helped reduce the smoky smell. Many a times, I’ve left oil in a kadai to heat and then been rather careless. If you’re like me, just sprinkle salt over it to get rid of that burnt odour - a tip I’m grateful to my mom for!"

Winning Over Karela And Suran!

Deepa tells us how to do away with the bitterness of bitter gourd or the tingly sensation of elephant yam. "My mother marinated bitter gourd in turmeric and salt and let it rest for 15 minutes. With elephant yam, she’d chop it in equal pieces and boil it with some amchoor (dried mango powder) and salt. The way my mom prepared it, I would always take second helpings!"

Whether you're an amateur or a masterchef, there’s always one person's advice you'd follow religiously in the kitchen - your mum's. After all, "mother's recipe" is the best!

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