There's nothing quite as dull, boring and uninspiring as a Monday morning. Oddly enough, it is on this day of the week that you're supposed to be feeling you're best and ready to take on the days to follow. When trying to find some #MondayMotivation, look no further than a scrumptious breakfast. The importance of eating a good breakfast has been emphasized over and over again; so make sure that you have a great Monday by starting with a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Here are some awesome breakfast ideas
to send your Monday blues packing.


Stuffed parantha

Start your Monday in a royal way with a parantha stuffed with alooor gobi, topped with a dollop of butter and served with a side of spicy pickle.


Layered cheese sandwich

Add a saucy twist to a regular cheese sandwich by layering mustard, mayonnaise and hot sauce between the cheese slices.


Banana pancake

Whip up a wholesome and nutritious pancake with just two ingredients-mashed ripe banana and eggs! Enjoy it with some delicious chocolate sauce.


Masala upma

Prepare a scrumptious upma with generous doses of onion, garlic, chilli and tomato for a delectable twist.


Moong dal cheela

A cheela prepared with moong dal is India's answer to the classic breakfast pancake. What's more it's healthier and tastier and is best enjoyed with chutney or pickle.


Oats idli

Ditch the traditional rice idlis and use oats to prepare light, fluffy and nutritious idlis. Savour with sambhar and chutney.



A filling and nutritious breakfast, poha never seem to go out of fashion as India's most loved breakfast food. Toss in some roasted peanuts for a flavourful crunch.

Say hello to a great breakfast with Poha and Upma Instant Mixes by Mother's Recipe,
and say goodbye to your Monday blues!