Has this ever happened to you? Before you even taste a certain dish, a distinct aroma floods your olfactory senses, stirring up a nostalgia of your mum’s mouth-watering preparations. What is it about माँ के हाथ का खाना that translates to a simultaneous feeling of content and longing? Here we set out to explain the magic that is mom’s hands.

Generations Of MomChefs

Your mom’s recipe was passed down from her mom and so forth. Tried and tested, hearty, healthy preparations with magic flowing through. No wonder everything else pales in comparison.

Mom's Sixth Sense

An awful day at school? Fought with your best friend? Before we can register why we’re upset, mom senses there’s something wrong. And she’s there to cheer you up with your favourite dish.

Soul Nourishment

Your mom can transform even the most disliked vegetables, into a dish you love! After all, combining health and taste is only a mother's forte.

Patented Preparation

There’s always that one dish that is every mom’s specialty. And this is how you gain popularity with friends!

The Secret Ingredient

Is it really a science of complex calculations, or a simple formula of age-old love? The best kind of food is prepared with love. It’s the way mothers all over the world express their love: by making sure we’re well-fed.

Wherever you may stay in the world, mom-made food will always feel like home. And in case you’re missing home right now, Mother’s Recipe gives you the solution to your nostalgia.