When we move away from home, there's one thing that we miss more than anything else mom's food. Even if there were
some dishes that we fussed and cribbed about when we used to live at home, there's nothing that
seems more delightful now than just about anything that mom used to cook.

Here are some reasons why mom's food becomes
so much more appealing when we are away from home.


Mom's food is
the ultimate comfort food

At the end of every long and hard day, there is mom's delicious food that you come home to. You literally have to do nothing, and the food is right before you, perfectly warm and delicious. It's the perfect comfort food at the end of a hard day or when we are under the weather. At home, you wake up to a warm bowl of delicious upma and end your day with a satiating biryani.


The incredible variety and
creativity of the food

There's almost nothing that mom can't make from delicious desserts to spicy curries, moms have it all figured out. And for them, it's quite a cakewalk. So, you get to sample a wide variety of dishes, and there's something new and creative to eat every single day!


Food on demand,
all the time

When we are away from home, there's really no concept of getting food right when you want it. But at home, mom was ready to fry some hot steaming pakoras on a rainy day or whip up some scrumptious pav bhajior paneer butter masala on demand. At home, mom always has something delicious to serve, at the shortest notice!

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