A mother's love will travel with you, no matter how far you go

It's a busy life. The deadlines are tight, the workload is staggering, and the pressure is insurmountable. The result? An unsolicited compromise on the most essential aspect of life - food. A line of tasteless, unhealthy, and often expensive meals that may fill your tummy, but never your heart. After all, where is the love and attention to detail that only a mother can ensure?

For individuals living and working away from home in a different city, the urge to realize dreams often comes at the cost of compromising on food. Remember when your mother poured love in the form of dollops of butter on your food, or ensured that you have "just one more, beta…" no matter how full you were? It’s okay to miss that love and attention. Fortunately, there’s a sure-shot way to bring it back.

No matter where you go and how far you travel, carry your mother's love with you in the form of Mother's Recipe's authentic gastronomic indulgences. With a taste that's pure and genuine, you are sure to muse over those beautiful childhood memories with every bite you take.

Choose from a wide range of authentic instant mixes, chutneys, pickles and much more that are all about convenience of preparing, ease of handling and mother's love. Easy to make and mouth-wateringly delicious, every treat is an indulgence that will remind you that your mother's love is by your side, no matter where you are. So, each time you return from chasing dreams all day, you know that there's a delightful treat waiting for you in the kitchen that reminds you of home.