The holy month of Ramadan is here! Amidst the love, warmth and blessings that this season brings, it is important to take care of your health during the fasting period.

Muslims fast for a month during daylight hours, eating the ‘suhoor’ or ‘sehri’ before sunrise and the ‘iftar’ after sunset. In order to prevent fatigue, dehydration or lethargy, you must replenish your body with the right nutrients and fluids once you break your fast so that you can greet the next day a new.

Here are a few eating tips for you and your family to stay healthy, hydrated and happy this summer Ramdan.

What To Eat At Iftar?

Break your fast at sunset with fluids including water, milk, fruit juices & smoothies, fruits like dates, figs, prunes, raisins & apricots, and fluid-rich foods such as meat broths with lentil, pulses and whole grains, which hydrate and restore your energy.

After breaking your fast, eat well-balanced meals that include whole grains & pulses, fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and eggs. The usual spread consists of biryani or a mutton curry, chicken curry, fish curry or vegetable curry, with roti, rice and yogurt.

What To Eat At Suhoor?

Increase your intake of fluids to prepare you for the day of fasting ahead. High-fibre whole grains provide you with the energy you need and are digested slowly keeping you fuller for longer. Consume rice, oats, poha and other whole grain porridges, milk and yogurt, fresh and dry fruits, nuts and seeds.

What To Avoid?

Do not eat fatty, salty and processed foodstuffs as they will make you feel thirsty and dehydrate you faster, without providing you with the nourishment you need. You can consume natural sugars like fruits for energy, but avoid added sugars in your food as well as sugary drinks. An oily, fatty diet will lead to excess calories and unnecessary weight gain.

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