Living away from home or home alone? We got you! Cooking cannot get any easier, tastier and healthier with our 5 delicious breakfast recipes for you to calm your morning hunger:

Poha gives you the nostalgia

The breakfast staple of India, poha never misses one vital ingredient, which is your mother's love. Feel the same nostalgia in our instant poha mix. Just add some hot water to prepare a yummy breakfast and enjoy with a hot cup of tea.

Home like Payassam

The crunch of your favorite dry fruit, the softness of vermicelli and the sweetness of your mother are the ingredients that make payassam scrumptious. Try our instant payassam mix by just adding fresh milk and lose yourself into the flavorsome trip.

Roll your hunger away

Got some leftover roti-subji from last night? Prepare a delicious breakfast roll with an omelette and Mother's Recipe Red Chilli Garlic Chutney. Cover your roti with the omelette and spread on a little red chilli garlic chutney. Add the leftover veggies from last night and make a roll. Voila! Your breakfast is ready!

Fancy-schmancy toast

Prepare a chef quality breakfast using milk, toast and lemon. Heat milk in a pan and squeeze lemon till the milk curdles. Drain the water and collect the leftover and add some chopped onions with some salt and pepper. Spread that mixture on your toast. Garnish your beautiful and scrumptious breakfast with coriander.

Mom's Style Upma!

A South Indian specialty prepared using the freshest ingredients & seasoned for your convenience with mother's magical touch.

Try our instant recipes that taste just like your mom's hand cooked food and start your day with a happy tummy!

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