Fasting is a religious, intense and enriching activity that promotes wonderful changes in life. Well, that's what our mothers told us, didn't they? After each successful fast, you feel more at peace and more connected to your spiritual side. And, mothers - well, they have a unique way of making the hours go by with utmost smoothness, no?

Here are five such instances that mommies
do to comfort you while you're fasting:

Now, now, we will never know whether this is to pamper you or to ensure that you have fewer hours to deal with on the day of the fast. Mothers ensure that you start the day feeling well-rested and calm. This way, you approach the fasting day with a positive outlook, and lasting through the entire fast becomes an easy feat.

Got to love her for that! Mothers have this whimsical superpower of fasting effortlessly, and yet, making the rest of the family feel at ease. Whether it's ironing your office clothes, preparing a sumptuous meal, or keeping the house at its prime, she's always the supermom that we proudly brag about.

Sabudana papad, potato chips, fruit salads, ... mothers turn fasting into feasting and how! She'll prepare for your fast with care so that your untimely hunger pangs are met with full gusto. Honestly, with such adoration and love at your disposal, why wouldn't you want to fast regularly?

More than your ability to keep off food, it's your ability to feel calm and composed during a fast that matters. Moms have this uncanny ability to keep you motivated throughout the day - whether in the form of playful snide remarks or genuine assurances of a better outlook towards life. All in all, if anyone can make fasting easy for you, it's your mother's never-give-up-on-you attitude.

In this fast-paced world where families rarely eat together, your mom ensures that the entire family comes together to break the fast. While on other days, you may eat out with friends or have dinner alone at home, during a fast, she ensures that the whole family has a nice time indulging in delicious treats and connecting with each other on a deeper level.

We love our mothers for their love and affection every day of the year. And, food only makes that love stronger! So, why not indulge in a scrumptious gastronomic experience by Mother's Recipe delights with your mom the next time you're fasting?

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