Come monsoon and everybody starts planning weekend getaways. And, why not? After a scorching Indian summer, a getaway is just what you need to revitalize your senses. Trekking is an amazing way to enjoy the beauty of nature with your pals, but make sure that you’re fully prepped before you head out for a tricky trek. To keep your energy levels high all through the trek, here goes the ultimate checklist for pantry essentials that you need to pack along.

Ready-to-cook mixes
You don't want to scout for dinner in the middle of the trek now, do you? A bunch of RTC mixes require minimal effort on your end, and are lip-smacking and fulfilling too!

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A dash of tang is always welcome in your meal, especially when your options are limited

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Nuts and dry fruits
The best alternate for chips and crisps, nuts and dry fruits not only keep you full for longer, but are extremely energy-boosting and full of nutrients.

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Energy bars
Full of fiber and protein, energy bar are an excellent meal replacement alternate. They fuel your day like none other, and drastically improve your physical performance.

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Tea/coffee bags
An instant mood lifter, tea or coffee are sure to lighten up your senses, and improve your energy levels for another trek session after a break.

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Mineral water
There's nothing more essential than water, is there? Carry at least 2-3 bottles to keep your body hydrated and maintain your electrolyte levels throughout the trek.

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Let nothing come in the way of the exhilarating, adventurous activity that you’re about to embark on. Make sure to carry these in your backpack for a life-changing trekking experience.