Meals, mom and memories: What's the connection?

"My mom's cooking toh is the best. I wish I could relive that time" "She mixes oodles of love in her dough"
"Mum's food doesn't just fill your tummy; it fills your heart too"
"I ate at hundreds of restaurants, but none tasted like mom's food"

Sound familiar? Growing up, food is how our mothers communicated to us. "Beta, have one more chapati", "no, you aren't leaving the house without having breakfast", "of course, that needs more butter!", and many more instances that make for her way of showing that she cares for you. No wonder we associate food with her love - food that no one else can cook. After all, a mother's love is incomparable, isn't it?

This life, is built on memories. When you're eating food that reminds you of your mother's cooking, it's not just a taste that melts in your mouth, but sheer emotion that fills your heart. Add to that the endless desire to recreate it because you want to relive that memory. Unfortunately, no matter how far you may travel to dine in looking for that very taste, it's not always fruitful.

It is because our eating decisions are partly based on memories that this search never quite ends. Well, not anymore! Enjoy a selection of ready-to-cook meals by Mother's Recipe that are packed with dollops of love and attention to detail. The carefully prepped indulgences instantly remind you of your mother's cooking so that no matter where you go, her love is always by your side in the form of food.

So, ready to rekindle that connection?